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I love exploring ideas and sharing my knowledge. My career always aligns with my personal convictions.

Human Freedom

My primary value is human freedom and flourishing. I will liberate myself and others through my work.


I see entrepreneurship as a tool for pursuing my values. I seek opportunities to start and work with small businesses. 


Discover Praxis

Praxis was my alternative to university. In this year long program I was placed with my business partner Amagi Metals. As part of the program I worked through a boot camp to learn the business skills needed to thrive in the modern economy.

Amagi Metals

Online Precious Metals Dealer

What I Learned
My internship with Amagi Metals laid the foundation for my career by teaching me that I can align my values with my work.

E-commerce Basics

Customer Service

Data Entry

Social Media Management



E-commerce Advanced

Graphic Design 

Web Development

Business Management 

Ethereum Clothing

Cryptocurrency Themed Brand

What I Learned
Founding, owning, and then selling Ethereumclothing.com, built my confidence in my ability to self start and manage projects from beginning to end.

Institute for Humane Studies

Education Non-Profit

What I Learned
My time at IHS reinforced the importance of building and managing relationships in my work.


Relationship Building
Curriculum Production

Event Organizing
Project Management 



"Live with integrity, respect the rights of other people, and follow your own bliss." - Nathaniel Branden